Speakers Bureau

WSAJ is pleased to provide an engaging, knowledgeable speaker for a classroom setting.  Our speakers are experienced trial attorneys who speak on a wide range of issues that relate to your constitutional rights and the civil justice system. 

Our programs include:

  • Atticus Adopts a School
    This program is designed to assist educators and teachers with teaching our children about the Justice system. The program is called “Atticus Adopts a School,” based off of the story of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus Adopts a School is tailored to the specific requests of teachers, often covering the Bill of Rights and how those rights affect and protect all of us, how the framers of the Constitution set up a system of checks and balances that has survived the changes of over 225 years, or the preamble and what those words mean. 

  • End Distracted Driving
    Distracted driving results in thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries each year.  Since April of 2012 more than 400 professionals, nurses, physicians, safety experts, driver’s education instructors, lawyers and others have given presentations to more than 125,000 teens and adults. Many WSAJ members have been trained to speak about distracted driving for high school audiences in an engaging presentation that has proven success.

  • Mock Trial
    WSAJ is proud to have members who regularly volunteer as judges or support for mock trial competitions, providing their professional insight.

To request a speaker or for more information, please email anita@washingtonjustice.org or fill out the form below.


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