Arbitration & Mediation 2015

Date: 10/23/2015


Recorded Friday, October 23, 2015 

Washington State Convention Center • Seattle

6.25 Total CLE Credits, including 0.25 Ethics (both seminars combined)

WSBA Activity A/V ID: 413297


ARBITRATION – Energizing Your Arbitration

Chairpersons: Sam Elder & Crystal McDonald
(3.25 CLE Credits)


42:00 min             A Refresher Course on the Various Types of Arbitrations: An overview and requirements.
Shelly Speir, Tacoma Attorney

39:52 min             Spring into Action and Present a Successful Case: MAR, UIM, private, employment demands.  Decisions on presenting evidence, documents you need in advance, etc.
Nikhil Bavariya, Seattle Attorney

26:30 min             Putting New Life into Your Arbitration Presentation:  A perspective from an arbitrator.
Scott Holte, Mukilteo Attorney

33:02 min             Dissecting the Defense’s Dance: A perspective from a defense attorney.
Mary Owen, Seattle Attorney

47:40 min             Strengthening Your Case After an Arbitration:  Do novos, enforcement .
Jason Epstein, Bellevue Attorney
Jared Stueckle, Bellevue Attorney


Mediation – As with Acupuncture.... Get to the Point!

Chairpersons: Jean Magladry & Mike Maxwell

(3.0 CLE Credits Total, includes 0.25 Ethics)


46:52 min             What’s Going On in the Other Room?
Rhonda Laumann, Seattle attorney

37:31 min             Be Prepared: The key to successful mediation.
Teri Justice, Bellevue Attorney

37:21 min             Bad Faith Claims in Mediation.
Faye Wong, Mercer Island Attorney

33:06 min             Managing Client Expectations and Preparing the Client to Participate.
Niomi Drake, Bellevue Attorney

19:35 min             Ethical Considerations in Mediation.
Jean Magladry