Medical Negligence Deskbook 2016

Date: 04/20/2016

Washington Medical Negligence Deskbook
1st Edition, April 2016
Editors: Tyler Goldberg-Hoss and Angela Macey-Cushman


Deskbook Table of Contents

1. Time Limits and Statutes of Limitation.
    Eugene M. Moen

2. Notice Requirements
    Maria S. Diamond

3. Electronic Health Records: Easy Access At Low Cost
    Roger J. Leslie

4. Jurisdiction & Venue
    Peter E. Meyers

5. Individual Negligence of a Health Care Provider
    Thomas B. Vertetis

6. Informed Consent
    Ralph J. Brindley  & Deborah Martin

7. Res Ipsa
    Reed P. Schifferman

8. Vicarious Liability of Hospitals
   Sidney S. Royer

9. Corporate Liability
    Sidney S. Royer

10. Wrongful Birth/Life
    Todd W. Gardner

11. Wrongful Death
    Tyler Goldberg-Hoss

12. "Loss of Chance" Liability
    Deborah Martin & Joel D. Cunningham

13. Causation
    Ann H. Rosato

14. Expert Testimony
    Bryan G. Smith & Taylor Boren

15. Improper Discovery Tactics & Their Remedies
    Jane Morrow & Thomas Golden

16. Peer Review & Quality Improvement Protections
    Angela Macey-Cushman

17. Motions Practice
    Sims G. Weymuller

18. Appeals
    Shelby R. Lemmel