BRAIN INJURIES 2017: Cutting Edge Techniques for Helping Your TBI Client

Date: 05/05/2017

Cutting Edge Techniques for Helping Your TBI Client

Chairpersons:  Scott Blair & Angela Macey-Cushman

Friday, May 5, 2017
Motif Hotel, Seattle

6.0 Law & Legal CLE Credits
0.5 Ethics Credits
Until 5/5/2022

8:20-8:30    Welcome and Opening 
Scott Blair, JD & Angela Macey-Cushman, JD, RN

8:30-9:00    Using the bad MMPI/Neuropsychology Report Against the Defense
Ken Friedman, JD, Seattle

9:00-9:40    The importance of the family in TBI cases:
How to help the family survive your client’s TBI
Muriel D. Lezak, PhD Author, “Neuropsychological assessment”

9:40-10:20    Panel Discussion: The MMPI? Why?:
Why you should not give the defense the gift of the MMPI
Fred Langer, JD, RN; Muriel D. Lezak, PhD; Ted White, PhD

10:20-10:35    Break

10:35-11:15    QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography) in the Assessment and Treatment Of Traumatic Brain injury
QEEG in TBI forensics
Dr. David Cantor, PhD., Atlanta

11:15-12:00    Cutting Edge Imaging to objectively prove brain injury in mild TBI cases
How to get your client tested for a pituitary injury; new treatments for TBI victims
Dr. Richard Batson, ND, Neuro-evolution medicine

12:00-12:30    Lunch (box lunches included in tuition)

12:30-1:20    How to prove sleep disorders are caused by TBIs, its effect on life care plans
Gandis Mazeika, MD, Seattle Neurologist and sleep specialist

1:20-1:45    Double impact syndrome in TBIs-Using prior concussions to your advantage
Melissa Carter, JD, Seattle

1:45-2:10    Telling the story of your client’s TBI in trial and closing argument
Ben Wells, JD, Arlington

2:10-2:25    Break

2:25-2:55    Ethical issues relating to the settlement of TBI claims
Dealing with troublesome GAL’s in TBI cases
William Dussault, JD, Seattle

2:55-3:25    Handling the pituitary injury case
Colleen Durkin Peterson, JD, Tacoma

3:25-3:45    Destroying defense CR 35 examiner arguments in Pituitary damage cases
How to get your client’s endocrinologist to work with you
Scott Blair, JD, Seattle

3:45-4:00    Questions for the panel