Workers' Compensation Deskbook 2017

Date: 05/04/2017

WSAJ's Workers' Compensation Deskbook 
May 2017
Editors: Kathryn Potvin & Brian Wright

This publication will provide the lawyer handling workers compensation claims some of the information and forms necessary to competently handle issues during the course of a claim. We believe the information and materials contained in this publication are of high quality and will offer assistance to those who use it.

The Workers' Compensation Deskbook will be sold to WSAJ Plaintiff Members Only - By Ordering this deskbook, you declare that the majority of your law practice is devoted to representing plaintiffs and you will not use the information provided at this CLE to advance the defense of a tort claim nor assist insurance defense in opposing the rights or interests of injured or disabled persons.

Deskbook Table of Contents

1. The History of Workers' Compensation in Washington
    Mark C. Wagner

2. Frequently Asked Questions
    Katherine L. Mason

3. Representing the Injured Worker
    John E. Wallace

4. Initial Worker Contact and the First Meeting
    Kathryn C. Comfort

5. Contingency Fee Agreements and Opening Forms
    Various Authors

6. Identifying and Representing the Difficult Client
    David C. Snell

7. Handling the Money
    Teri L. Rideout

8. Formation of a Plan
    Natasha E. Staton

9. Claim Allowances: Specific Injuries and Occupational Diseases
    Michael J. Walker

10. Aggravations and Reopenings
    George M. Riecan

11. Medical Treatment
    Grady B. Martin

12. Time Loss Compensation and Loss of Earning Power
    David W. Lauman

13. Vocational Services
    Teri L. Herring-Puz

14. Permanent Partial Disability
    Knowrasa T. Patrick Roundtree

15. Independent Medical Examinations
    Thomas L. Doran

16. Permanent Total Disablity
    Christine A. Foster

17. Claims Resolution Structured Settlement Agreements
    Katherine L. Mason

18. Claims Against Third Parties
    Jonathan F. Stubbs

19. Protests and Appeals
    Michael J. Walker

20. Appeals to Superior Court and Beyond
    Kathleen Keenan Kindred and Kylee MacIntyre

21. Closing the File
    William L. Shaffer

22. Handling Longshore & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Claims
    Amie C. Peters