Employment Law Deskbook 2017

Date: 10/11/2017

Washington Employment Law Deskbook
4th Edition, October 2017
Editor: Judith A. Lonnquist

Available to WSAJ plaintiff members only, this deskbook will help you in every phase of your Employment Law practice.

The Employment Law Deskbook will be sold to WSAJ Plaintiff Members Only - By Ordering this deskbook, you declare that the majority of your law practice is devoted to representing plaintiffs and you will not use the information provided at this CLE to advance the defense of a tort claim nor assist insurance defense in opposing the rights or interests of injured or disabled persons.


Deskbook Table of Contents

1. A View of Washington's Legal History Affirming Certain Human Rights
    Kenneth A. McDonald and Judith A. Lonnquist

2. Intake, Screening and Initial Consultation
    Virginia L. DeCosta

3. Overview of Employment Discrimination
    Loyd Willaford

4. Age Discrimination
    Rebecca J. Roe

5. Disability Discrimination
    James Beck and Janelle Chase-Fazio

6. Race and Color Discrimination
    Hardeep S. Rekhi and Gregory Wolk

7. Sex Discrimination
    Kathleen Phair Barnard

8. Pregnancy Discrimination
    Kathleen Phair Barnard and Katherine Chamberlain

9. Sexual Harassment
    Andrea Brenneke and Katherine Chamberlain

10. Other Types of Workplace Discrimination

   A. Religious Discrimination and Accommodation
        Wendy W. Chen and Nancy S. Chupp

   B. Sexual Orientation Discrimination
        Beth Barrett Bloom

   C. Representation of Military Clients
        James W. Beck

   D. Other Types of Discrimination – HIV/AIDS
        Beth Barrett Bloom

11. Retaliation
       Alex J. Higgins

12. The Tort of Wrongful Discharge in Violation of Public Policy
       Michael C. Subit

13. Employer Writings, Public Policy, and the Common Law
       Kelby D. Fletcher

14. Negligence in the Employment Context
       Mary Ruth Mann

15. Common Law Claims
       Erica Shelley Nelson and Daniel R. Fjelstad

16. Washington State Wage and Hour Law
       David N. Mark and Marc C. Cote

17. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
       Katherine E. Cameron

18. Covenants Not to Compete
       Sara B. Amies

19. Statutes of Limitation
       Thomas G. Burke

20. The Unionized Employee
       James Cline

21. Representing Governmental Employees

   A. Representing Governmental Employees
       Katrin E. Frank and Kevin Peck

   B. The Public Recrods Act in Civil Rights Cases
       Matt Albrecht

22. Arbitration Provisions
       Victoria L. Vreeland

23. ERISA Preemption
       Beth Terrell

24. Discovery
       Thomas S. Boothe

25. The Role of Workplace Investigations in Employment Law Claims
       Elizabeth Van Moppes

26. Pretrial Motions
       Robin Lynn Haynes

27. Evidentiary Issues
       Elizabeth A. Hanley

28. Potential Defenses to Employment Discrimination Claims
       Ashley S. Tam

29. Offers of Judgment
       Darrell L. Cochran and Christopher Love

30. Mediation of Employment Disputes
       Cliff Freed

31. Trial of an Employment Case
       Jack Sheridan

32. Remedies for Employment Discrimination Under the WLAD
       Scott C.G. Blankenship and Nazik S.H. Youssef

33. Attorney's Fees
       Judith A. Lonnquist

34. Unemployment Compensation
       Joy Lockerby

35. Ethics
       Jesse A. Wing

36. Forms
       Stephen A. Teller