Mission & History of the Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ)

The Washington State Association for Justice has a proud track record of fighting for the rights of people for the past 56 years.

2018 WSAJ EAGLE Badge


We stand up in the courtoom and in the halls of government for real people. We defend your constitutional rights, including the right to have your day in court. We hold corporate and other powerful interest accountable. We are a community creating and sharing resources for our members to secure justice.

Every EAGLE member has made an additional commitment of resources to support the WSAJ legislative, political and amicus programs that protect individuals’ rights and the civil justice system.     

Consumer Resources

WSAJ offers resources on this website to help you navigate a variety of consumer issues.  WSAJ wants to you to be informed of the truth about the civil justice system in our state.  Click the following for more information.  www.washingtonjustice.org/index.cfm?pg=MythsFacts    

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact WSAJ at 206-464-1011 or wsaj@washingtonjustice.org.

The following brochures are provided to educate consumers concerning common topics of interest:
(Click on the brochure image to view it on-line.)

Understanding Your Auto Insurance     Understanding My Rights As An Emplyee    Understanding Workers' Compensation

Understanding Your Auto Insurance (pdf file)

Understanding Workers' Compensation (pdf file) 

Understanding My Rights As An Employee  (pdf file)

These easy-to-understand brochures cover basic concepts, consumer rights and responsibilities, answers to common questions, and provide contact information for additional resources.  However, you still might need the assistance of an attorney.  To find an attorney, go to http://www.washingtonjustice.org/AttorneySearch.  

Scholarship Programs

Scholarship ProgramsHigh School Seniors - As part of WSAJ’s commitment to foster an awareness and understanding of the important role that the civil justice system plays in our society, the Washington State Association for Justice sponsors scholarship programs for high school seniors in Washington State. 

Bar Review Courses - WSAJ is committed to implementing strategies that will result in significant and measurable progress toward increasing diversity in the plaintiffs' bar. WSAJ also has a program to provide scholarships to help defray the cost of bar review courses to law school graduates who are female or diverse.