1 Program with Mary Anderson

Mary Anderson is a tenacious attorney that assists home owners in the fight to save their houses from the banks through preventative processes and, when necessary, litigation. She has a passion for assisting those in trouble by interpreting the law in their favor. This desire comes from being hurt by the interpretation of the law once before and she wants to help as many people as possible, to ensure that never happens to them.

Mrs. Anderson knew she wanted to be a lawyer at a young age when her family suffered a major injustice in their own home. This event has shaped her into the strong-minded person she is today and with a lot of work and patience, she now practices law at the firm she created, Guidance to Justice, and specializes in Real Estate Law, Civil Rights and Personal Injury. Mrs. Anderson has successfully fought for the Civil Rights of victims of police brutality, unlawful searches and seizures and the right to bear arms.

Mrs. Anderson has numerous settlements and verdicts ranging up to seven figures.

Before becoming a lawyer, Mrs. Anderson worked in the real estate industry for over 15 years. In those years, she was able to work in many different aspects of the Real Estate field including: mortgage broker, realtor, mortgage underwriter, and loan officer. She gained extensive knowledge in the real estate industry and was able to transition seamlessly into practicing real estate law.

With the determination that has been instilled in her for years, she no longer registers ‘no’s’ only the opportunity to educate someone. This was most proven in her Washington State Supreme Court case, Lyons v. U.S. Bank, NA where she received a unanimous vote in her favor of 9-0.

Mrs. Anderson is family driven. She has been married for 23 years, has raised a daughter that served United States Navy and loves her dog Lucy. She has an enthusiasm for hiking, cycling and exercising.


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