1 Program with Edwin S. Budge

Ed Budge is a civil rights attorney who has been practicing law since 1994. He is a principal attorney with the law firm of Budge & Heipt, PLLC. Ed focuses primarily on civil rights cases involving wrongful death and serious physical injuries arising out of police misconduct and death or injury that occurs in jails and prisons. Ed has handled numerous in-custody death and serious injury cases in federal courts including in the United States District Courts for the districts of Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, the Western District of Washington, the Eastern District of Washington, the Northern District of Ohio, and the Eastern District of Texas. Ed has handled cases involving shootings by police, deaths from excessive force, serious injuries caused by the denial of medical care while in custody, traumatic brain injury caused by restraint asphyxia, unlawful use of chemical agents, and other forms of excessive force. He has also handled claims involving discrimination against inmates in violation of federal accommodations requirements for prisoners, unconstitutional conditions of confinement, deaths from drug and alcohol withdrawal while in custody and inmate-against-inmate assaults, as well as the most serious state-law wrongful death torts and medical malpractice cases.


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