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David Ball is widely acknowledged as America's most influential and effective trial consultant. He's a partner in Malekpour & Ball Consulting in North Carolina. Dr. Ball specializes in mediation techniques, early case development, focus groups, case analysis and presentation, advocacy skills, damages strategies, and jury selection. His best-selling books include David Ball on Damages (now in its third, ground-breaking edition) and Theater Tips and Strategies for Jury Trials. His DVDs include guidance on openings, voir dire, case strategies, and other essential topics for trial advocates. He is the nation's most in-demand and experienced trial consultant for teaching CLEs. His firm works on every kind of case including commercial litigation; plaintiff's personal injury, wrongful death, professional negligence, and civil rights cases; and criminal defense.

He is best known for his insight into methods of explaining difficult cases, identifying and dealing with case weaknesses, turning case problems into strengths, and focus group techniques. He is also regarded as the major authority on damages.

David Ball teaches trial advocacy coast to coast. He also has taught law students at Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, and at Campbell University as Adjunct Professor of Law. A frequent teacher for the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, and AAJ’s National College of Advocacy, Dr. Ball received the 2002 Charles Becton Award for Excellence in Teaching Trial Advocacy.

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