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BRANDON R. CASEY - Is a shareholder in Casey Law Offices, P.S., with his father. Casey Law Offices, P.S. focuses solely on representing injured plaintiffs. Mr. Casey is the proud father of five active boys and a wonderful wife, who will be taking the Washington State Bar Exam in February 2015. The majority of Mr. Casey’s clients are people with soft tissue injuries from car crashes. Since his admission to the bar in 2004 Mr. Casey's practice has continued to focus primarily on auto collisions and insurance claims dealing with soft tissue injuries. He tried his first two arbitrations within 10 days after being licensed, and he won both of them. He tried his first trial against Allstate three months after he was licensed and won. The verdict was 22 times greater than Allstate's offer before trial and it was an excess verdict. He has tried many cases both through arbitration and trial (both in district court and superior court).In 2012 he received a successful jury verdict involving a myofascial sprain/strain of the low back with the defense pursuing a MIST defense. The verdict was 250% of the de novo. Since then he has had several cases where the defense withdrew the de novo within three-weeks of trial. That trend has continued through 2013 and 2014; however he did receive a chance to try MIST case to a jury in November 2013, with a successful verdict. This year has included pre-trial settlements that are more than twice the policy limits, and settlement/resolution of MIST cases in excess of $100,000.00. Mr. Casey hopes that these kinds of results will become the norm.

Medicine in the MIST (2014)

Published by Washington State Association for Justice

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