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David is a partner in the law firm of Snyder & Wenner, P.C., (SnyderWenner.com) in Phoenix, Arizona, and in the trial-consulting firm, Winning Works, L.L.C. His law practice is devoted to litigating catastrophic injury and death cases. He has obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients in Arizona and throughout the United States. David has been listed in Best Lawyers in America in 2000.

He has studied juries for the past 35 years and is a recognized expert on jury judgment and decision-making. Mr. Wenner was co-chair of the AAJ/ATLA Blue Ribbon Committee on Jury Bias and developed the Jury Bias Model™ through his research with Gregory S. Cusimano. He studied hypnosis and psychotherapy with legendary psychiatrist Milton Erickson, M.D., whose work is a theoretical underpinning of the Jury Bias Model™.

He is a frequent lecturer on jury bias, and developed the Jury Bias Model©™ with Gregory Cusimano which is the basis for AAJ’s award-winning Overcoming Jury Bias college and seminar. The Model©™ has been featured in national legal publications and is widely acknowledged as one of the only models of trial advocacy being taught today that is based on psychological science. David has collaborated on cases with many of the nation’s leading law firms. David has a master of social work degree from the University of Washington and a law degree from Arizona State University.

Inside the Jurors Mind: What Every Trial Lawyer Needs to Know

Published by Washington State Association for Justice

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