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DIANE F. WYZGA, RN, founder of Lightning Rod Communications, is an experienced litigation consultant who works nationally on plaintiff civil and criminal defense cases. Diane specializes in narrative skills to discover, uncover and develop your case and strategize the story to best position your client in settlement conference or the courtroom. Values-based narrative - not fear - overcomes the opponent every time.

Diane founded Lightning Rod Communications to train lawyers to identify, shape and effectively deliver their clients' legal stories using language with power, passion and precision designed to win the listener's attention. Her clients effectively incorporate storytelling techniques and principles which translate compelling case images into desired verdict action.

Diane helps more lawyers win more cases more often by using values-based narrative to develop the legal case story, strategize the case from discovery through settlement or closing arguments, and influence decision-makers far beyond the reach of any PowerPoint presentation.

Delivering the Goods

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