Product Liability Deskbook 2014

Date: 06/04/2014


Edited by Alisa Brodkowitz

Written by twenty expert product liability attorneys, WSAJ's Washington Product Liability Deskbook is the companion for any attorney handling product liability cases.  Many chapters include useful forms and exemplars and almost all are available in Word format.  Here is an index of the included forms.

The Product Liability Deskbook will be sold to WSAJ Plaintiff Members Only - By Ordering this deskbook, you declare that the majority of your law practice is devoted to representing plaintiffs and you will not use the information provided at this CLE to advance the defense of a tort claim nor assist insurance defense in opposing the rights or interests of injured or disabled persons.

Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Handle Product Liability Claims!

Deskbook Table of Contents

1. Preservation of Evidence
    Alisa R. Brodkowitz

2. Drafting the Product Liability Complaint
    Corrie J. Yackulic

3. Interrogatories
    Jason P. Amala and Beth A. Davis

4. Requests for Production
    Jason P. Amala and Beth A. Davis

5. Product Liability Experts
    James L. Holman and Jessica F. Holman

6. Civil Rule 30(b)(6) Depositions
    James S. Rogers and Elizabeth J. Donaldson

7. Testing and Inspections
    Alisa R. Brodkowitz

8. Vehicle Crashworthiness in Washington State
    Paul W. Whelan and Garth L. Jones

9. Other Similar Incidents
    Micah R. LeBank and John R. (Jack) Connelly

10. The Consumer Expectations Test Under Washington’s Product Liability Act
    Stephen L. Bulzomi

11. Risk Utility Analysis
    Bruce J. Lambrecht

12. Failure to Warn
    Susan Machler & Charles J. Carroll

13. Breach of Warranty
    Susan Machler & Charles J. Carroll

14. Recalls
    Pete Wogsland, Michael Blue, and Jeffery Campiche

15. Post-Manufacturer Liability in Washington
    Thomas J. Breen

16. Successor Liability in Washington
    Sims G. Weymuller

17. Government Regulation
    Carl A. Taylor Lopez

18. Common Defenses
    Ray W. Kahler

19. Federal Preemption
    John R. (Jack) Connelly and Micah R. LeBank

20. Common Evidentiary Issues in Product Liability Cases
    Janet L. Rice

21. Foreign Products
    Darrell L. Cochran

22. Medical Devices
    Joel D. Cunningham and Andrew Hoyal

23. Aviation Products Liability
    Alisa R. Brodkowitz

24. Food as a Product
    Denis W. Stearns