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WSAJ's 36th Annual Insurance Law Seminar 2014

Date: 01/24/2014

WSAJ’s 36th Annual Insurance Law Seminar

Winning Your IFCA Battle

Recorded on Friday, January 24, 2014
Red Lion Hotel on 5th Ave • Seattle
Seminar Chairperson: Patrick H. LePley

WSBA Activity ID #365175 • 6.00 CLE Credits Approved 
Credits are valid through 1/24/2019

8:30-8:45    Preparing to do Battle Using IFCA
Patrick H. LePley, Seminar Chairperson, Bellevue

8:45-9:30    What Are We Fighting Over?  Where are the IFCA Debates Now? Damages? Coverage Denials? Delays?
Kristine Grelish, Seattle

9:30-10:15    Changing Battle Fields:  Why Federal Courts Might Send an IFCA Case Back to State Court
Ken Friedman, Bremerton

10:30-11:00    Don't Dig Your Own Grave:  Using Discretion and Maximizing the Effect of Communication with the Carrier.
Ken Friedman, Bremerton

11:00-11:45    When the Battle is Over Before It Starts:  Fires, Floods and Exclusions - Information that Must Be Communicated to Potential Clients
Amy Bach, Executive Director, United Policyholders, San Francisco

11:45-12:15    To Fight or Not to Fight:  What Acts and Omissions Constitute the Best Grounds for an IFCA Claim?  Panel Discussion:
Kristine Grelish, Ken Friedman, Amy Bach, Patrick LePley

1:30-2:05    A Powerful Weapon:  Carving Up the Insurance Carrier with a CR 30(b (6) Deposition
Patrick H. Lepley, Bellevue

2:05-2:45    Gathering Information on the Enemy: How Broad is the Scope of Discovery in a Bad Faith Case? What is the Outer Limit of Cedell v. Farmers Insurance?
Richard Dykstra & Peter J. Mullenix, Seattle

3:00-3:30    When the Enemy Gathers Intelligence on Your Client: Examinations Under Oath
Shannon Kilpatrick, Bellevue

3:30-4:15    Strategies Learned in Combat:  What I Learned about Trying a Bad Faith Case
Brad Moore, Seattle

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