Brain Injury: Finding the Hidden Harm in Your Case

Date: 05/20/2015


Finding the Hidden Harm in Your Case

Chairpersons:  Scott Blair & Liz Quick

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Washington State Convention Center, Seattle
6.5 CLE Credits Approved until May 20, 2020


8:20-8:30    Welcome & Introduction
Scott Blair, Seminar Co-chair, Seattle Attorney
Liz Quick, Seminar Co-chair, Kirkland Attorney

8:30-8:50    Diagnostic Imaging in TBI Cases:  Documenting hidden brain damage & current trends in TBI litigation.
Dan Chamberlain, Chairman of the Board of the Brain Injury Association of America, Indianapolis, Indiana, Attorney

8:50-9:30    Framing the Case – Don’t Be Seduced Into Fighting Where the Defense Must Fight: Litigation strategies for focusing jurors’ attention on the key issues in your case.
Liz Quick, Seminar Co-chair, Kirkland Attorney

9:30-10:15    Extracting the Client’s Story and Uncovering the Harm in Your Case—Even in the “Minor Impact Case.
Katlin Larimer, PhD., Nationally known jury consultant, focus group coordinator, psychodramatist, Omaha, Nebraska

10:15-10:30    Break

10:30-11:15    Finding the Liability: Now that we have the Lystedt Law, how can we use it to prove liability for TBIs caused by improper return to play in youth sports?
Dr. Stan Herring MD, The Sports Concussion Program at Harborview, Seattle
Mike Nelson, Seattle Attorney

11:15-12:00    What’s Function Got To Do With It?  Proving loss of vocational function in TBI cases to create a stark “before and after” damages comparison.
Ginger Hurt, MA, CRC., Vocational TBI expert, Omni Vocational Services, Puyallup

12:00-12:30    Lunch break (box lunches included in tuition)

12:30-1:15    Hiding in Plain SightPituitary Injuries – The Next Big Issue in Brain Injury Litigation. 30% or more of TBIs involve pituitary damage with significant future medical expenses and complications. Are you missing a large component of damages in your TBI case?
Scott Blair, Seminar Co-chair, Seattle Attorney

1:15-1:45    Pediatric Issues in TBI Cases: How Pituitary and Cognitive Injuries Can Affect a Child’s Future Health and Medical Treatment. Hidden issues you need to be aware of.
Dr. Stephen Glass MD, Pediatric neurologist, Northwest Child Neurology, Bothell

1:45-2:30    Making It Real: Using Video to Prove Damages in the Small to Mid-Sized TBI Case.
Mitchell Riggs and Catie Riggs, Life Now Video, Middle Island, New York

2:30-2:55    Dismantle the Defense Experts Who Misuse the MMPI-2 and Use Other Parlor Tricks to Suggest Malingering.
Edward Le, Renton Attorney

2:55-3:15    Proving Future Damages in Pituitary Cases: How unusual pituitary damages significantly drive up the value of future care in TBI cases.
Mary Sussex, RN, CNLCP, Life Care Planner, Seattle

3:15-3:30    Questions and Answers of the Speaker Panel