Motor Vehicle Litigation Deskbook 2010

Date: 03/31/2010

WSAJ's Motor Vehicle Litigation Deskbook
2nd Edition, March 2010
Editor: Bradford J. Fulton
Look for the release at our Annual Convention in Seattle!

The Motor Vehicle Litigation Deskbooks will be sold to WSAJ Plaintiff Members Only - By Ordering this deskbook, you declare that the majority of your law practice is devoted to representing plaintiffs and you will not use the information provided at this CLE to advance the defense of a tort claim nor assist insurance defense in opposing the rights or interests of injured or disabled persons.


Deskbook Table of Contents


1. Advertising and Marketing

   A. Legal Advertising: An Overview
        Bradford J. Fulton

   B. Building and Marketing Your Automobile Practice
        Jeffrey B. Tuttle

2. The Initial Client Contact and Interview
     Jo-Hanna Read

3. Identifying and Handling Conflicts of Interest
    Charles Paglialunga and Jared Stewart

4. The Contingency Fee Agreement and Other Related Forms
    Andrew L. Benjamin

5. Accident Investigation - "Documenting the Facts"
    Tara Eubanks

6. Accident Reconstruction - The Expert's Perspective
    Charles R. Lewis, P.E.

7. Low Impact Collisions

   A. Low Impact Collisions - Successfully Handling the Low Impact Collision Claim
       William D. Robison

   B. Low Impact Collisions - The Expert's Perspective
       Timothy A. Moebes, P.E.

   C. Low Impact Collisions - What is a Forensic Property Damage Evaluation and
       Why Would You Need One?
       Mark E. Olson

8. Motor Vehicle Accidents While "On the Job"
    Jon Winemiller

9. Locating All Applicable Insurance Coverage and Identifying "Hidden" Exclusions within the Automobile Insurance Policy
    Scott Carness

10. Contacting the Insurance Carriers: The Basics
     Bradford J. Fulton

11. Handling the Property Damage Claim(s)
     Jason Epstein

12. Assessing Liability

   Part A.
    William S. McGonagle
      a. Clear Liability Cases
      b. Comparative Fault/Fault Allocation Issues
      c. Joint and Several Liability

   Part B.
    Steve Lingenbrick
      a. Intoxication
      b. When a Parent Injures a Child
      c. The Family Car Doctrine and Negligent Entrustment

13. Health Care Management and Treatment Issues - Practical Tips
    Lori S. Haskell

14. Subrogation

   A. State-Based Subrogation
       Sam Elder

   B. ERISA Subrogation
       Michael Nelson

15. Rules of the Road

   A. General Duty to Use Reasonable Care
       Bradford J. Fulton

   B. Rear-end Accident
       Bradford J. Fulton

   C. Intersection Accidents and Failure to Yield the Right of Way
       Daniel R. Whitmore

   D. Improper Passing/Crossing the Centerline
       David C. Snell

   E. Pedestrian Accidents
       Patrick A. Palace

   F. Accidents Involving Speed
       Elizabeth Woody Lindquist

   G. Accidents Involving Signals and Other Traffic Control Devices
       Gregory C. Abel

   H. Claims by Passengers
       Karen Koehler

   I. Claims Involving Unique Vehicles (Bicycles, Motorcycles, Buses and Rental Cars)
       Louie V. Delorie, Jr.

   J. Direct Actions Against Insurers of Common Carriers
       Ron Perey

   K. Highway Design Claims and Claims Involving Abutting Landowners/Public Utilities
       Stephen L. Bulzomi

   L. Claims Against Governmental Entities/Municipalities
       Thomas R. Golden

   M. Alcohol-Related Accidents
       Donovan R. Flora

   N. Accidents Involving Multiple Parties/"Chain Reaction" Collisions
       Craig Schauermann and Scott Staples

   O. Disabled Vehicles/Standing Vehicle Claims
       Mariano Morales, Jr.

   P. Claims Involving Faulty or Defective Equipment — Is There a Companion Product 
       Liability Claim?
       James S. Rogers

16. Handling a "Companion" ERISA Disability Claim: What You Must Know
       Richard Spoonemore

17. When to Attempt Settlement and Preparation of the Settlement Demand
       Cynthia M. Morgan

18. Negotiating the Claim to Settlement and Finalizing the Settlement
       Frank Ladenburg, Jr. and Shelly K. Speir
      a. Negotiating Strategies
      b. Confirming the Settlement
      c. Subrogation
      d. Settlement Documents (Release and/or Hold Harmless)
      e. Policy Limits Settlements/UIM Interplay
      f. Disbursal of the Settlement Funds

19. Minor Settlements: When Your Client is Legally Incapacitated by Age and/or
       Other Disability
       Bradford J. Fulton



1. Statutes of Limitation and Claim Filing Requirements for Claims Against 
    Governmental Entities
    Terry P. Abeyta

2. Commencing Litigation - The Initial Pleadings
    Terry P. Abeyta and Gregory Lighty

3. PIP Litigation - Getting the Bills Paid
    Deborah Nelson

4. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claims and Litigation
    Kevin Winters

5. Bad Faith & IFCA
    Kristine "Tini" Grelish and Karl Malling
    A. Bad Faith Litigation
    B. Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA) Litigation

6. The Defense — Strategies and Tactics Utilized in Defending Plaintiff 
     Personal Injury Claims
    Barbara J. Boyd

7. Discover in Automobile Cases — Practical Tips
    Rodney K. Nelson

8. Mandatory Arbitration/District Court
    Allen Brecke
    a. Should You or Should You Not Arbitrate?
    b. Trial De Novo
    c. Should You File in District Court?

9. Recoverable Damages (Special and General)
    Richard C. Eymann and John Allison

10. Pre-Trial Case Evaluation, Negotiation, Mediation and Settlement
    John R. Alexander

11. Successful Mediation: The Mediator's Perspective
    Richard Sindell

12. Trial Preparation and Trial

   A. The Trial Notebook
       Robert K. Dawson

   B. Motions in Limine
       Marcia M. Meade

   C. Trial Brief(s)
       Robert A. Zielke

   D. Effective Voir Dire/Jury Selection
       Paul L. Stritmatter and Ray W. Kahler

   E. Opening Statement
       Joel D. Cunningham

   F. Demonstrative Evidence and the Introduction of Exhibits
       Keith L. Kessler

   G. Use of Interrogatories, Requests for Production, ER 904, Requests for Admission and Depositions at Trial
       Kevin Coluccio

   H. Scientific Evidence and the Use of Expert Witnesses
       Steven Krafchick

   I. Testimony of Lay Witnesses
       Lembhard G. Howell

   J. Testimony of Treating Physicians
       Carol Johnston 

   K. Handling the Defense Medical Examiner at Trial
       Nicholas F. Corning

   L. Jury Instructions in Auto Cases
       Matthew G. Knopp

   M. Closing Argument(s)
       Jan Eric Peterson

13. Successfully Trying Auto Cases to a Jury: From the Bench
    Honorable Deborah D. Fleck

14. Post-Trial Motions and Entry of Final Judgment
    Garth L. Jones

15. Appeal: What Every Practitioner Should Know to Properly Preserve the Appellate Record
    Philip Buri