WSAJ Deskbooks

WSAJ produces law practice deskbooks which are comprehensive guides to several areas of the plaintiffs’ practice. These include guidelines, sample documents and forms important to each practice area. 


Civil Rights Deskbook 
2nd Edition, published November 2017, Editor: Nathan Roberts

Consumer Protection Deskbook 
1st Edition, published October 2017, Editors: Beth Terrell and Erika Nusser

Employment Law Deskbook 
4th Edition, published October 2017, Editor: Judith A. Lonnquist

Medical Negligence Deskbook
Published April 2016, Editors:  Tyler Goldberg-Hoss and Angela Macey-Cushman

Motor Vehicle Litigation Deskbook 
3rd Edition, Published September 2018, Editors: Scott Carness & Shannon Kilpatrick

Nursing Home Litigation Deskbook 
2nd Edition, Published September 2019, Editor: Roger Leslie

Product Liability Deskbook - NEW EDITION TO BE RELEASED AT 2020 CONVENTION
Published June 2014, Editor: Alisa Brodkowitz

Subrogation Deskbook 
Published November 2016, Editor: Steve Shaw

Workers' Compensation Deskbook
Published June 2009, Updated 2012,  Updated: 2017 Editor: Mark Wagner


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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these products is shared with WSAJ.

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