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About WSAJ - Read our 2020 Year in Review

The Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ) is the oldest and largest civil justice advocacy organization in the Pacific Northwest.

We work with Washington’s top law firms, attorneys, legal professionals and consumer groups to protect the legal rights of wronged consumers, injured citizens, patients and workers.

Since 1953, WSAJ leaders have worked tirelessly to ensure our members have the best resources and strategies to advocate for their clients from the courtroom to the Capitol. Our professional programs and government affairs team are highly regarded among civil justice advocates across the nation. We currently have more than 2,400 WSAJ member attorneys across the state of Washington practicing a broad spectrum of civil law.

For decades, big insurance, negligent corporations and government agencies have sought to rig the civil justice system and state workers’ compensation system in favor of negligent wrongdoers at the expense of injured citizens and workers. Our attorneys and legal professionals ensure that injured Washington citizens have access to a fair civil justice system and state worker’s compensation system when they need it the most.

Our mission is simple. We are dedicated to safeguarding the Seventh Amendment constitutional right to a trial by jury. It is the only constitutionally-guaranteed right that ensures that all citizens retain the right to hold public and private sector entities - more powerful than themselves - accountable under the law, regardless of a citizen’s stature, power or financial resources. This means when executive and legislative watchdogs of the government fail to adequately protect innocent people, citizens have the power and a remedy to hold those negligent entities accountable under the law. The right of trial by jury is a foundation of our democracy. It ensures everyday Americans – a jury of your peers - ultimately have the last word.

In order to safeguard our civil justice system, we rely on the support and leadership of our WSAJ member attorneys and legal professionals. Our Amicus program, supported by the WSAJ Foundation, ensures that we have a voice in the highest courts of the country. Our EAGLE members share a fierce passion for protecting access to the civil justice at the highest level. Their collective commitment helps sustain WSAJ’s influential government affairs program that educates the Washington State Legislature and Washington’s congressional delegation on civil justice issues.

Mission Statement

We stand up in the courtroom and the halls of government for real people. We defend your Constitutional rights, including the right to have your day in court. We hold corporate and other powerful interests accountable. We are a community creating and sharing resources for our members to secure justice.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where laws protect people from negligence and harm, people have full access to the justice system in order to right wrongs, and even powerful interests are held accountable when people are harmed.

Access: Every person has his or her day in court.
Advocacy: Real people have a voice in the courthouse and the statehouse.
Diversity: Washington’s diversity is recognized on the bench and at the bar.
Rights: The right to trial by jury is protected and Constitutional rights are upheld and preserved.
Priorities: People are valued over profits.
Accountability: Those causing harm are held accountable for their actions.
Integrity: Truth guides the pursuit of justice.
Education: The public understands the role of the civil justice system in protecting the American way of life.
Members: Trial lawyers are respected for their effectiveness, professionalism, and compassion.

WSAJ Statement of Principles - Lawyer Marketing

Read our Statement of Principles - Lawyer Marketing.

Articles & By-Laws

Read our Articles of Incorporation and Code of By-Laws.